Friday, November 30, 2012

Must Have iPhone 5 Cases & Accessories

Buying an iPhone 5 case is perhaps the first thing that anyone would do after buying the device. The much coveted smart phone is certainly not a very cheap investment and anyone would wish to protect it from untoward situations when it can suffer any damage whatsoever. Even if one rules out the uncertain and sporadic incidents, regular use and typical wear and tear can also lead to some troubles in the future. iPhone 5 cases along with various iPhone 5 accessories that are not only desirable but very much required.
iPhone 5 Cases
Before we talk about all iPhone 5 accessories that must be looked at, it is important to learn a few subtle facts about iPhone 5 cases. There are various types of iPhone 5 cases in the market. Numerous manufacturers, varying prices and also different set of features and claims have made it very difficult for the ordinary buyer to choose which type of iPhone 5 case would be ideal.
First, there are four types of materials that an iPhone 5 case can be made of – leather, silicone, metal or wood and cloth or cotton. Wooden and metal cases should never be opted for. The metal iPhone 5 cases may look state of the art and the wooden cases may appear to be aesthetically pleasing but they are hard materials and would defeat the primary purpose of iPhone 5 cases which is to offer a cushion to the device.
Leather and silicone iPhone 5 cases both work well. However, they should be soft on the inside, a bit hard on the outside and should not come with any frills. Decorative stuffs in both leather and silicone iPhone 5 cases are undesirable and prone to create problems for your treasured possession.
Cloth or cotton based iPhone 5 cases are undesirable because they are too soft which is acceptable for the interiors but completely worth rejection as exteriors. There would be no level of protection at all with such an iPhone 5 case.
iPhone 5 Accessories
There are many iPhone 5 accessories that are recommendable but it would eventually depend on the preference of the user as to which ones are really required. Among the popular and also the required ones, the Screen film which should ideally be an antiglare, anti-scratch and dust cum smudge resistant, USB cable to connect to PCs, Macs and other computing devices, 30 pin adapter and ear-pods are the most useful iPhone 5 accessories.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The introduction of microcomputers revolutionized business processes related to inventory management.

For the first time, automated tools that assist warehouse and inventory managers with asset tracking, barcoding, order management, and service management were available in nearly every work environment.

 Businesses that were quick to invest in inventory management software enjoyed enormous competitive advantage compared to those that were hesitant to modernize. Today, investment in reliable, innovative inventory management software is key to the success of businesses everywhere. Who needs inventory management? For businesses that deal with tangible products, inventory management is a key element of that business success. Keeping tabs on where products are being stored, which vendors they come from, and how long they have been sitting on warehouse shelves are all key elements to successful asset management for businesses, no matter how small or large they might be. Regardless of whether or not the products that one business sells are perishable, keeping a good sense of where they抮e resting, how long they been there, and how quickly they should be out the door is a crucial factor in maximizing productivity and keeping inventory upkeep, storage, and associated costs low.

If your business has an inventory, you should be concerned with the performance, efficacy, efficiency, and reliability of the inventory management software your business uses. If your business does use software to manage inventory ?then you should be seriously concerned about losses in revenue and productivity that are probably affecting your business. Simply stated: almost every business needs some kind of inventory management software, no matter how big or small the firm might happen to be.

What does inventory management software do? The specifics associated with a particular brand of inventory management software, or the implementation of a certain software package, can depend largely upon the kind of assets that are being managed. However, there are a few general rules of thumb regarding inventory management software capabilities. First, the software is key to helping businesses ensure that they are able to stick to an ideal balance between having an overstock of inventory, and having too little inventory to fulfill demands.
Second, businesses with multiple locations and / or particularly large warehousing facilities depend upon a unified inventory management system in order to allow staff and management at remote locations to determine where supplies or assets they require are located, and to manage the transfer for assets between one point to the next. This makes acquisition of necessary items within the firm more streamlined, and also helps prohibit the loss of inventory as a result of graft.

In addition, most warehouse and receiving dock managers find that inventory management software that can handle rapid entry of new assets being received is a key element to maintaining efficiency. Further, in modern warehouse environments, inventory management software and systems play an essential role in managing the rate at which items are picked, packed, and shipped.

The Decline Of Facebook

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where to Get free microsoft points?

There has been a great deal of craze among gamers since the time the Xbox has got released. Avid gamers can happily spend hours on end playing games on the Xbox. Given the fact that we live in rather hard pressed financial times, and even otherwise, there are a lot of folks who would like to get hold of free Xbox live gold codes, which would be of great use to them. There are indeed a lot of people who are very keen on getting these codes that give them free access, due to which they can play on these games for a period of time without having to pay a dime.

The question is; how can people play simultaneously. The answer is simple. It is through the use of Xbox Live codes. Upon purchasing a unit, you are automatically given a couple of trial codes. These codes allow the player to gain advantage over other competitors. Xbox enthusiasts have also tried several ways to get hold of these codes.

One way also of obtaining free microsoft points is by reading some gaming reviews where on-line games are being reviewed. This way, you will find the best websites to visit. You may also exchange views with a fellow enthusiast by joining discussion boards. The important thing to remember is that if you want something for free, then be ready to work hard for it. Research more and make use of other resources as well.

Among the most popular sources of free Xbox Live trial codes are gaming websites. The process for getting these codes will vary from site to site, but generally they follow this pattern.

The first is to take part in a survey question, and then fill out a form and register on their site. After completing the registration form, you will be able to log on to Xbox Live. A screen or dialog box will come up, called either Promo Guide or Prepaid Card. Follow the instructions, and you will be able to play.

How to get free microsoft points?
There are several Internet web sites that provide these codes: these include, but are not limited to, Invision Free Site 1, Invision Free Site 2, Xbox, Xbox Free Zones, Free Zone Rewards, Team Box Forum, Gaming Lagoon, Xbox, Box Deal and many more.

Xbox Live Points for Free?

There are millions of Xbox players and fans around the globe. These people would give an arm and a leg to be able to play this game without any charge. But what is to be considered here is the fact that getting free Xbox live points which can get you free trial codes is not a very easy task. There are many sites that promise to give you these points and make your wish of getting free trial codes a reality. But you should be careful to realize that all sites are not quite what they are made out to be.

There are quite a few websites that provide free Xbox live points in return for your playing some of the games that they host on their websites. These points can be exchanged for free Xbox trial codes which give you access to Xbox games. Do remember that you have to be quite adept at playing games on the site in order to have any chance of success in getting and accumulating a number of free Xbox live points. This is not the easiest task in some of the sites, and you should be wary of sites that promise a lot and do not really live up to the promise at all.

With free xbox live codes there are a number of people who promise to give these points online, and they ask unsuspecting folks for their mail ids and passwords too. The problem is that if you trust such people, they use your id and your password to get access to Xbox and then they change your password, such that you lose access to both the Xbox game as well as the e-mail id. This is why being greedy is sometimes quite counter-productive.

It is also possible to get and trade free Xbox live points with other users and players online through forums and other sites. There are various sites and different rules and regulations for this, which you need to essentially, follow to get these points. In any case, you need to recognize the fact that there are not set times or seasons when these live points can be made available, due to which you will have to ensure that you take time off to look for sites and other means to get these points.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Injury claim

If you have been involved in an accident, and through no fault of your own have suffered an injury as a result, then chances are you will be able to claim compensation. No matter how minor your injury appears to be at this stage or who the person or company at fault was, making an injury claim is your right and should be exercised to bring justice to a difficult situation.

What types of injuries can be claimed for?
One of the most frequent types of injury claim submitted relate to accidents on the road. Whether you were a driver or passenger of a car, or were travelling on public transport or a bike at the time of the accident, if you were hurt and another driver was at fault, you can claim. Common injuries include back and neck injuries, including whiplash, and injuries to the head or hands as a result of the collision.
Less common, but still a source of regular claims, relate to slips and trips when out and about. Building owners, local councils and workmen have a responsibility to ensure public rights of way and the public areas within buildings are kept safe, clean and free from hazards that could cause a trip. Slipping on wet floors, broken paving slabs or tripping over trailing cables can all result in a range of injuries, from twisted ankles to broken wrists, all of which are regularly seen by professionals handling injury claim cases.
Sometimes even the workplace is not as safe as it should be, and workers sometimes become injured as a result of faulty machinery, poor training or bad health and safety practice. In cases like this an injury claim will often result in remedial action by the employer, meaning other employees will be safer at work in the future, so it is especially important to make a claim if this has happened to you.

When should you claim?
As a general rule of thumb, the sooner the better applies to any type of injury claim. The sooner you can start the claims process, the easier it will be for your solicitor to contact any witnesses and get hold of any other evidence required. Also your injury will be fresh, so if you need to see an independent doctor they will be able to see first hand the extent of your injuries.
Personal injury law understands that making an injury claim is not necessarily the first thing on someone’s mind after they have been involved in an accident. That is why claims can still be started up to three years after the accident happened. In the case of industrial disease and other issues that take years to reveal themselves, there is still a chance to claim beyond the three year cap.

How much does it cost?
These days, the majority of solicitors who deal with injury claim cases will work on a no win no fee basis. This means you will not have to pay them anything if your claim is not successful, and there will be nothing to pay up front. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Compare First before You Buy Car Insurance

     Maximum protection, it is a common phrase mentioned by people who have something they have to protect from any unexpected moments or events with unexpected results. It may refer to anything that is valuable or even anything that makes the owner proud of. One of the most common things is car especially expensive and prestigious car. The car owners could drive very carefully in order to avoid the unfortunate events on the road. They try not to drive crazily because they do not want to hit other drivers that may bring them to a big problem even to the car itself. However, driving carefully is not the only thing they can do. They have to do something better such as buying car insurance as one of the future plan to solve any problem related to the damage the car may get on the road.
     Buying car insurance will be more valuable if the car owners understand the detail about the insurance. Remember, there are several types of car insurance available. Comparing the companies for car insurance you need could be the best idea you can do. You can go to the homepage of online compare car insurance to find out the best term of car insurance that may meet your requirement. In addition, you have to make sure that you get the comparison from the trusted website.

Find the Lender and Get the Cash You Need

     Everyone knows that what will happen in the future is still a question. For some people it may be a very big question especially for people who do not plan and arrange the future well. It means that any unpredictable and unfortunate events could come anytime in the future so that people have to do a kind of improvisation as a response to the unfortunate events. When the unfortunate events come with financial problem, they may need someone to help them as one aspect of the improvisation especially when they do not have enough cash at the time they need the money. Applying for a payday loan must be the best action they should do. However, finding the best lender must be your first concern before you apply one.

     When you need the instant cash from a lender, you should find valuable information about the direct payday loan lenders that are ready to help you. In this case, asking the information from the trusted provider who has big commitment you help you in matching your cash need with the best lenders must be very helpful. The trusted here must be the one that provides you any information including the explanation about the payday loan itself. Finally, find your lender and get the cash you need!  

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Personal Loan for Small Business

     For some reasons, money plays very important and crucial roles in you life. You may need some money because you have planned to do some activities or buy something or you need the money for an unexpected reason. In this case, you may need someone help for the cash you need because sometimes you do not have any when you really need the money. For example, you are about to start or run your small business, you may need to apply for the business loan from the lenders that provide you Loans for Small Business. In this case, the one that you really need is personal loan or Unsecured Business Line of Credit. To check for the lenders, you may need to follow the links given that will direct you to is a website that provides you detail information you need for your small business loan. There are a lot of lenders listed here that will satisfy your specification of the business loan you need. You just need to fill the form consists of your full name, phone number, company name, type of loan you need, estimated personal credit score, and your email address. Finally, you will receive the information about the lender that will provide you Unsecured Business Lines of Credit. Choose the best one for your small business!

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The Best Products of Actuators You Want are Here

         Have you ever heard about actuators? Well, actuators are products that you can use to make a linear move for some of your stuffs such as TV. You can use actuators both for the efficiency you may want for your room and to beautify your home to become more modern. You just need to move the actuators with the help of wireless remote control so that you do not need to waste your energy. If you are interested to apply this equipment for your home stuffs, you should check this one. This is the best place for you to buy any kinds of actuators you may need such as 12v linear actuator.

      It is Progressive Automations or, an online shop where you can access to find the best products of actuators. Progressive Automations gives you detail information about the products including the specifications of each actuator and the prices you have to pay. It means that you are able to find the product you need based on your budget. In addition, when you think that you do not find any product that meets your requirements, Progressive Automations will help you by customizing the actuator you need. Follow the link to find more benefits you can get here. 

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Kami menjual kaos online dengan desain yang Keren nan Inspiratif adalah penjual kaos-kaos dengan harga terjangkau dan inspiratif. Kami juga merupakan salah satu penyedia Grosir Kaos termurah dan inspiratif di dunia online saat ini. Sudah banyak sekali para pemesan yang sangat puas dengan desain kaos yang kita jual kepada mereka, terutama model kaos dengan gaya Kaos Bola. Kita memang fokuskan desain kaos dengan model-model logo tim sepak bola ternama di dunia, terutama tim-tim papan atas dunia pada era masa kini.

      Bisnis kaos ini tentu saja sangat memberikan wawasan yang mungkin bisa mengembangkan keinginan anda dalam bidang bisnis yang sudah sangat di minati terutama di kalangan anak muda pada  masa saat ini. Bagi saya, bisnis di bidang kaos ini tentu saja tidak memiliki resiko yang sangat besar. Karna dengan mengembangkan bisnis di bidang online, kita akan bebas biaya pajak, biaya karyawan  dan sebagainya. Apa lagi bisnis ini di bidang kaos onlin, tentu saja bisnis ini tidak berbau busuk dan kadaluarsa. Maka buruan anda berkunjung pada website kami dan silahkan anda melihat dan membandingkan harga pada dunia offline, anda akan dapat membandingkan dan bisa meraih untung yang memuaskan jika anda menjalankan bisnis ini dan menjalin kerja sama yang baik dengan kami.

Maka tunggu apa lagi...segera kunjungi kami di, kami akan memberikan layanan terbaik untuk menjalin kerja sama yang baik

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The Best Paintball Equipments with the Best Prices

      As a popular game, paintball game requires some aspects that you have to complete in order to win the game. One of the most important aspects is the best equipments which will support your performance during the game. The best gun, safety gear, and paintball clothes are needed to maximize your skill to beat your opponents. With the best equipments, you do not need to worry about how the equipments work. With the best equipments, you just need to play as a team and do the strategy you have arranged and win the battle. However, you probably spend much money to buy the equipments so that you have to think twice to buy them. Therefore, it would be better if you have a reference where to buy the equipments at affordable prices. Don’t you want to get an empire exe paintball gun very cheaply? Well, you should find the place that provides you the various kinds of paintball equipments with various brands and more importantly with the best prices.    
      Some stores, especially online stores, provide you limited products so that you are not able to choose the products that you love so much. It will be worse if you have to pay the product with big deal of money. The consequence you may take because of the products is you cannot perform well in playing the game and finally you will loose for the game. You do not want to be a looser, do you? That’s why you have to go to the best store that provides you the best products. Make sure that you can compare the prices offered for the same product from the same brands. You absolutely choose the cheaper one because you can save your money. For example, you will not pay for an empire exe paintball gun that costs $ 750 if you can buy the gun only as cheap as $ 459.95, won’t you? 

      Another idea you can afford is buying the paintball equipments collectively in order to save you money effectively. It means you buy the equipments in a package which is considered as cheaper than you buy the equipments one by one. The package you buy includes all stuffs you need such as gun, safety gears, paintball clothes, and other accessories you need to play the game. However, you should remember that only the best store provides you such best offers for you. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Stealing Success Tel Aviv Style

By Philip Giraldi,, January 28, 2010

A curious op-ed "The Tel Aviv Cluster" by the reliably neo-connish David Brooks appeared in the New York Times on January 12th. Brooks enthused over the prowess of Israel’s high tech businesses, attributing their success in large part to Jewish exceptionalism and genius, which must have provided the ultimate feel good moment for Brooks, who is himself Jewish. That Israel has a booming technology sector is undeniably true, but Brooks failed to mention other contributing factors such as the $101 billion dollars in US economic and military aid over the course of more than four decades, which does not include the additional $30 billion recently approved by President Barack Obama. American assistance has financed and fueled Israel’s business growth while the open access and even "preferential treatment" afforded to Israeli exporters through the Israel Free Trade Implementation Act of 1985 has provided Israelis with the enormous US market to sell their products and services. By act of Congress, Israeli businesses can even bid on most American Federal and State government contracts just as if they were US companies.

Brooks was characteristically undisturbed by the fact that American taxpayer subsidized development of Israeli enterprises combined with the free access to the US economy and government contracts eliminates jobs and damages competing companies on this side of the Atlantic. And there is another aspect of Israel’s growing high tech sector that he understandably chose to ignore because it is extremely sleazy. That is the significant advantage that Israel has gained by systematically stealing American technology with both military and civilian applications. The US developed technology is then reverse engineered and used by the Israelis to support their own exports with considerably reduced research and development costs, giving them a huge advantage against American companies. Sometimes, when the technology is military in nature and winds up in the hands of a US adversary, the consequences can be serious. Israel has sold advanced weapons systems to China that are believed to incorporate technology developed by American companies, including the Python-3 air-to-air missile and the Delilah cruise missile. There is evidence that Israel has also stolen Patriot missile avionics to incorporate into its own Arrow system and that it used US technology obtained in its Lavi fighter development program, which was funded by the US taxpayer to the tune of $1.5 billion, to help the Chinese develop their own J-10 fighter.

The reality of Israeli spying is indisputable. Israel always features prominently in the annual FBI report called "Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage." The 2005 report states, "Israel has an active program to gather proprietary information within the United States. These collection activities are primarily directed at obtaining information on military systems and advanced computing applications that can be used in Israel’s sizable armaments industry." It adds that Israel recruits spies, uses electronic methods, and carries out computer intrusion to gain the information. The 2005 report concluded that the thefts eroded US military advantage, enabling foreign powers to obtain expensive technologies that had taken years to develop.

A 1996 Defense Investigative Service report noted that Israel has great success stealing technology by exploiting the numerous co-production projects that it has with the Pentagon. "Placing Israeli nationals in key industries …is a technique utilized with great success." A General Accounting Office (GAO) examination of espionage directed against American defense and security industries described how Israeli citizens residing in the US had stolen sensitive technology to manufacture artillery gun tubes, obtained classified plans for a reconnaissance system, and passed sensitive aerospace designs to unauthorized users. An Israeli company was caught monitoring a Department of Defense telecommunications system to obtain classified information, while other Israeli entities targeted avionics, missile telemetry, aircraft communications, software systems, and advanced materials and coatings used in missile re-entry. The GAO concluded that Israel "conducts the most aggressive espionage operation against the United States of any US ally." In June 2006, a Pentagon administrative judge overruled an appeal by an Israeli who had been denied a security clearance, stating, "The Israeli government is actively engaged in military and industrial espionage in the United States. An Israeli citizen working in the US who has access to proprietary information is likely to be a target of such espionage." More recently, FBI counter intelligence officer John Cole has reported how many cases of Israeli espionage are dropped under orders from the Justice Department. He provides a "conservative estimate" of 125 worthwhile investigations into Israeli espionage involving both American citizens and Israelis that were stopped due to political pressure from above.

Two recent stories that have been reported in the Israeli media but are strangely absent from the news on this side of the Atlantic demonstrate exactly what is going on and what is at stake. The first story confirms that Israeli efforts to obtain US technology are ongoing. Stewart David Nozette, a US government scientist who was arrested on October 19, 2009 in an FBI sting operation after offering to spy for Israel has been waiting in jail to go to trial on espionage charges. New documents in the case were presented in the Federal court in Washington last week. The documents confirm that Nozette was a paid consultant for Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) and it is believed that he passed to them classified material in return for an estimated $225,000 in consulting fees. Examination of his computer by the FBI revealed that he was planning a "penetration of NASA" the US space agency and that he was also trying to crack into other scientists’ computers to obtain additional classified material. Other documents demonstrate that he was cooperating with two Israeli scientists who were administrators with IAI, Yossi Weiss and Yossi Fishman. Nozette made several trips to Israel without reporting them, which he was required to do because of his high security clearance. The FBI reportedly also has incriminating letters and other documents that were obtained from the computer.

The second story relates to the pending sale of twenty-five F-35 fighter planes to Israel. The F-35 is one of the most advanced fighter planes in the world. The $130 million planes would be purchased with US military assistance money, which means they would effectively be a gift from the US taxpayer. But Israel is balking at the sale reportedly because it wants to install some of its own local content in the aircraft. The Pentagon has already made some concessions but is disinclined to grant approval for all the changes because to do so would require giving the Israelis full access to the plane’s advanced avionics and computer systems. Israel also wants to independently maintain the aircraft, which would also require access to all systems. It would be nice to think that the Pentagon wants to keep the maintenance in American hands to preserve jobs, but the Defense Department has never cared about US workers before when the issue is Israel, and the real reason for the standoff is that Lockheed-Martin and the Pentagon both know that Israel will steal whatever it can if it gains access. It would then use the technology to market its own products at a price below that of US defense contractors. The result would be a triple whammy for Uncle Sam: the expensive planes are given to Israel free, the technology is then stolen, and future sales vanish as our Israeli friends market their knock down versions of weapons systems reliant on the stolen technology.

So to David Brooks I would say that there is most definitely an economic surge taking place in high tech Israel, but it is less a miracle than the fruit of a long series of thefts and manipulations fueled by American tax money and the connivance of a Congress that is always willing to do favors for the country that it appears to love beyond all others. I’m sure most Americans would wish the Israelis well and would applaud the prosperity that derives from their own industry and inventiveness but it is also time to put the brakes on business as usual and to take the Israeli hand out of our pocket. I’m sure Brooks’ job is pretty secure and well paid, but many Americans are out of work and suffering, so let’s take some steps to protect our economy from the information thieves from Tel Aviv and keep our money and jobs over here.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Will Israel Attack Iran?

By RONEN BERGMAN, January 25, 2012, The NY Times

As the Sabbath evening approached on Jan. 13,Ehud Barak paced the wide living-room floor of his home high above a street innorth Tel Aviv, its walls lined with thousands of books on subjects rangingfrom philosophy and poetry to military strategy. Barak, the Israeli defenseminister, is the most decorated soldier in the country’s history and one of itsmost experienced and controversial politicians. He has served as chief of thegeneral staff for the Israel Defense Forces, interior minister, foreignminister and prime minister. He now faces, along with Prime Minister BenjaminNetanyahu and 12 other members of Israel’s inner security cabinet, the mostimportant decision of his life — whether to launch a pre-emptive attack againstIran. We met in the late afternoon, and our conversation — the first of severalover the next week — lasted for two and a half hours, long past nightfall.“This is not about some abstract concept,” Barak said as he gazed out at thelights of Tel Aviv, “but a genuine concern. The Iranians are, after all, anation whose leaders have set themselves a strategic goal of wiping Israel offthe map.”

When I mentioned to Barak the opinion voicedby the former Mossad chief Meir Dagan and the former chief of staff GabiAshkenazi — that the Iranian threat was not as imminent as he and Netanyahuhave suggested and that a military strike would be catastrophic (and that they,Barak and Netanyahu, were cynically looking to score populist points at theexpense of national security), Barak reacted with uncharacteristic anger. Heand Netanyahu, he said, are responsible “in a very direct and concrete way forthe existence of the State of Israel — indeed, for the future of the Jewishpeople.” As for the top-ranking military personnel with whom I’ve spoken whoargued that an attack on Iran was either unnecessary or would be ineffective atthis stage, Barak said: “It’s good to have diversity in thinking and for peopleto voice their opinions. But at the end of the day, when the military commandlooks up, it sees us — the minister of defense and the prime minister. When welook up, we see nothing but the sky above us.”

Israel's silence on Iran is deafening

by: John Lyons, Middle East Correspondent, The Australian

January 28, 2012 12:00AM

JUST before 10 am on Tuesday, something highly unusual happened. Seventeen foreign journalists were escorted into one of the most secure facilities in Israel - the Kirya military base in Tel Aviv.

When Israel is at war, this sprawling compound serves as the command centre.

We were taken into a secured room inside the main tower. Right on 10 o'clock, in walked one of the the most important figures in Israel's defence and security establishment.

We cannot name him, that was the condition of this rare briefing, but we can quote him as a "senior security source" or such like.

Some may see these briefings as further attempts to manipulate journalists.

Indeed, many of those in the room, from outlets including The New York Times, Reuters and the BBC, were in some sense cynical. The material presented was obviously authorised, not leaked documents that the IDF did not want published.

Inevitably, there was an element of spin to it all.

But there were also valuable insights into how Israel sees the changing Middle East and what it may be planning.

Perhaps the most important insight was the official's refusal to discuss Iran.

Iran's nuclear program is clearly the most urgent and serious challenge that Israel faces. The official presented us with a series of slides, one of which described Iran as "an existential threat" to Israel.

One journalist became irritated when the official would not take questions on Iran.

The journalist argued that if the official was going to say Iran was an existential threat then surely questions should be taken about it.

But one of the several military officers sitting in the room quickly announced that no questions would be taken on Iran - it was clearly too sensitive an issue.

The official who gave the briefing is likely to be engaged in a momentous decision in coming months about whether Israel launches military strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities.

The boasts by Iran's leadership that it will "wipe Israel off the map" give Israel a legitimate reason to fear Iran becoming a nuclear power.

As The New York Times noted recently, while the debate about sanctions continues "the centrifuges keep spinning".

One slide showed weapons movements around the Middle East. The map was based on Israeli intelligence assessments, and, like all intelligence assessments, they need to be taken with caution. But much of what they highlighted rings true.

The map showed a significant movement of weapons into Gaza. This is consistent with the view of one European country, as expressed recently to The Weekend Australian, that many weapons leaving Libya have been finding their way into Gaza through the Sinai in Egypt.

The Israeli official then discussed the region, country by country, and how Israel saw it.

Egypt: "Still under a military regime, but slowly moving towards democracy."

Despite the Muslim Brotherhood emerging as the big winners in the parliamentary elections, the Israeli military continues to deal directly with the Egyptian military.

The Sinai is increasingly falling under the control of Bedouin gangs, and is among Israel's biggest concerns.

Syria: President Bashar al-Assad is "bleeding to death".

Israel does not know what will replace the embattled President's regime and estimates more than 6000 civilians and up to 2000 security forces have been killed since the Syrian uprising began last March.

Israel is preparing for refugees on its border with Syria, which it will try to manage with UN officials in the demilitarised zone.

Lebanon: Hezbollah, which has "a significant military capacity", continues to consolidate power.

Iran: it is leading "the radical camp" and the source of many of the weapons finding their way into Gaza, particularly through Sudan.

Gaza: After two years of "relative quiet" Hamas, and even more so the Islamic Jihad, are increasing the number of rockets fired into Israel.

The official made clear Israel would have no hesitation in engaging in another Gaza war if "dragged in" by Hamas's continuation of rocket fire.

Israel's current assessment held there was currently "a low likelihood" of an "initiated" military campaign against Israel.

That is particularly significant: it means Israel understands that, despite Hezbollah having some 40,000 missiles in Lebanon near the border, it does not expect them to be used in the near future.

That may change should Israel strike Iran and Tehran urge Hezbollah, its Shia ally, to retaliate.

One of the most interesting features of the briefing was how low the Palestinian issue rates for Israel.

The official noted that the Palestinian Authority was doing "a good job" in security in the West Bank but, clearly, given the divisions between Hamas and Fatah, which rules the West Bank, Israel does not expect to be sitting opposite a united Palestinian negotiating team any time soon.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Letter to the Woodstock Times

To the editor:

We recently attended the Modern Language Association conference in Seattle, where we took part in a number of discussions inspired by the Arab Spring. Throughout the conference there was a high level of excitement and of admiration for all the struggling, freedom-loving people of the Middle East and North Africa. This movement, carried out for over a year by the ordinary people of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, and a number of other countries, including Syria and Palestine, has fired the imagnations of the world and helped spark a popular uprising against economic and social injustice in the USA. With these connections in mind, we returned to Woodstock with a renewed sense of purpose and solidarity.

Imagine our dismay, then, on opening the Woodstock Times to the diatribe by Susan Puretz against MECR, an organization of which we are proud members, and against anyone who dares criticize Israel while "neglecting" to speak out against the Assad regime in Syria. Ms. Puretz' attack is both inaccurate and misleading!

Her letter is inaccurate in claiming that MECR members do not care about the struggle against Assad. MECR members have protested and continue to protest the murderous brutality of the Syrian regime, just as we protest against all brutality and repression everywhere, whether in Syria, in Egypt, in Tunisia, or in Palestine or in the USA. The fact that we focus on the brutal and violent repression and killing of Palestinians, who are simply trying to live their lives in peace with justice, by the IDF and the Jewish settlers in the Occupied Territories of Palestine, is logically and morally tied to the worldwide struggle for human rights.

Ms.Puretz is also misleading in that she relies on a specious line of argument, popular among unthinking "knee-jerk" supporters of the Netanyahu/Barak regime, which poses outrageous and false alternatives. The line that asks "Why don't you protest against ----- instead of criticizing Israel?' is a classic red herring. This is the logical fallacy that proposes we redirect our attention to something new away from the subject at hand. It also uses the related fallacy of the "excluded middle": either we support the Syrian people or we support the Palestinians. The middle position -- that we support both and equally criticize the Syrian and Israeli regimes -- becomes a non-possibility. The writer wants to force us up against the wall and into categories of her own making -- or rather of the making of Israeli propagandists over the course of the last generation. Ms. Puretz is consciously or unconsciously attempting to provoke us, while continuing to believe she is right!

This reminds us of a story of a husband who comes home early from work to find his wife in bed with another man. The suprised wife blurts out,"Why did you come home so early?" The husband furiously snaps, "Why do you have another man in our bed?" The wife calmly replies, "I asked you first...Don't change the subject!" In a sense, Israel and its supporters, like Ms. Puretz, ask the Palestinians, "Why are you so angry with us?"....While the Palestinians ask Israel, "Why are you illegally occupying our land, building walls and checkpoints,demolishing our homes, building new settlements ,confiscating our olive trees, and killing our people?" And Israel replies, "Don't change the subject, I asked you FIRST!"

To Ms. Puretz' arguments we say NO! They conceal the truth. The same UN to which Puretz refers has not only condemned the Syrian government. It has for over 40 years continued to call upon Israel to end its violent and illegal occupation of Palestinian land and to stop building settlements there in contravention of the Geneva Treaties. There is only one law for the weak and the strong, the oppressor and the oppressed. Moral indignation does not stop at the borders of Israel -- or at those of the United States, which has maintained a hands-off policy with regard to both the protestors in Syria and the Palestinian masses, while continuing to pour billions in money and weapons into Israel. Most of the world, including the best and brightest of our own country, recognizes these simple truths.

Perhaps Ms. Puretz should find out why. To us, it's a no-brainer!

Barry Fruchter Amber Rose members of Middle East Crisis Response (MECR)
Woodstock NY

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Book 'Palestinians In Israel' Explores The Contradiction Of The ‘Jewish And Democratic’ State

by Ben White on January 21, 2012 24;

More and more, thediscrimination and repression faced by Israel’s Palestinian citizens issurfacing in the mainstream, through media reports and alarmed NGO briefings.The stories just keep on coming: this week, Arab Knesset Members like HaneenZoabi were accused of treachery, and threatened with expulsion from the Knessetand criminal proceedings (the ‘crime’ was to meet with the PalestinianLegislative Council speaker in the West Bank, a Hamas politician).

Then there was the HighCourt’s rejection of an appeal against the Citizenship Law which separatesPalestinian families where one spouse has Israeli citizenship and the other isfrom the Occupied Territories. Praise for the ruling came from hard-liners and‘liberals’ alike, and was explicitly framed as a victory in the battle tomaintain a ‘Jewish majority’.

The various laws andproposed laws that have emerged in recent years – like the targeting of Nakbacommemoration or the official legalisation of ‘selection committees’ inhundreds of communities – are laying bare a systematic pattern ofdiscrimination that has been present since 1948. From the years of militaryrule over Palestinian citizens (which did not technically end until 1966), tothe demolition of homes in an-Naqab (the Negev) in 2012, the aim has been thesame: to ensure Jewish privilege and control over the indigenous Palestinians.

The mainstreaming of acritique of the occupation – and in particular, the settlements, or the actionsin ‘Operation Cast Lead’ – has been undoubtedly beneficial, but has often beenaccompanied by an affirmation that Israel is, for all its ‘mistakes’, a beaconof democracy. This routine endorsement of Israel’s “democracy” goes hand inhand with a taboo on questioning Israel as a ‘Jewish state’, a juxtapositionthat points towards the tension in Western liberal support for a state ofaffairs many would consider appalling in other circumstances.

Israel only has a ‘Jewishmajority’ because of the expulsion and legislated dispossession ofPalestinians. Israeli policies with regards to land, housing, immigration, andbudgets, explicitly and implicitly favour Jewish citizens (and even Jewishnon-citizens) at the expense of Palestinian citizens (and those Palestiniansstill excluded from their homeland).

This is the reality I haveattempted to highlight in my new book, Palestiniansin Israel: Segregation, Discrimination and Democracy (which I’m thrilled to say comeswith a foreword by MK Haneen Zoabi). This is what Israel advocacy groups don’twant to talk about: the truth behind the myth of a ‘Jewish and democratic’state, and how that contradiction is at the heart of the conflict.

Newspaper Editor: Israel Should Consider Assassinating Obama

Andrew Adler, the owner andpublisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, a weekly newspaper servingAtlanta's Jewish community, devoted his January 13, 2012 column to the thornyproblem of the U.S. and Israel's diverging views on the threat posed by Iran.Basically Israel has three options, he wrote: Strike Hezbollah and Hamas,strike Iran, or "ordera hit" on Barack Obama. Either way, problem solved!

Here's how Adler laid out"option three" in his list of scenarios facing Israeli presidentBenjamin Netanyahu (the column, which was forwarded to us by a tipster, isn'tonline, but you can read acopy here):

Three, give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents totake out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vicepresident to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States'policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies.
Yes, you read "three" correctly. Order a hit on apresident in order to preserve Israel's existence. Think about it. If I havethought of this Tom Clancy-type scenario, don't you think that this almostunfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel's most inner circles?
Another way of putting "three" in perspective goessomething like this: How far would you go to save a nation comprised of sevenmillion lives...Jews, Christians and Arabs alike?
You have got to believe, like I do, that all options are onthe table.

It's hard to tell whetheror not Adler is just some crank. But the Atlanta Jewish Times, whichhe purchased in 2009, appears to be a realcommunity newspaper. It was founded in 1925 and, according to Wikipedia, claims a circulation of 3,500 and staff of five. To judgefrom its web site, it's a going concern.

A nervous Adler told meover the phone that he wasn't advocating Obama's assassination by Mossadagents. "Of course not," he said.
But do you think Israelshould consider it an option? "No."
But do you believe thatIsrael is in fact considering the option in its most inner circles? "No.Actually, no. I was hoping to make clear that it's unspeakable—god forbid thiswould ever happen. I take it you're quoting me?"
Yes. "Oh, boy."
When I asked Adler why, ifhe didn't advocate assassination and didn't believe Israel was actuallyconsidering it, he wrote a column saying he believed that the option was"on the table," he asked for a minute to compose himself and call meback. He did a few moments later, and said, "I wrote it to see what kindof reaction I was going to get from readers."
And what was the reaction?"We've gotten a lot of calls and emails."
Nothing from the SecretService, though. Yet.

UPDATE: Adler has told JTA that he"regrets" the column and plans to publish an apology. Oh, and the Secret Service says it will "make allappropriate, investigative follow-up in regard to this matter," according to ABC News.
Source: Gawker, 1/20/2012,

Gaza Youth Hear About Israel Lobby’s Role

by Yousef M. Aljamal on January 19, 2012, 
Ali Abu Nima addresses CPDS via Skype Jan. 15, 2012
For the second week in arow, the Center for Political Development Studies holds a video link on therole of the Zionist lobby in US elections. Ali Abunimah, the founder of TheElectronic Intifada, joined Gaza activists via Skype and emphasized the reasonsfor this "unshakable" relation between Israel and the US, which isknown to Palestinians more than any other nation in the world.

"The reason of thiswould be briefly put up into two theories. Some people say Israel plays animportant role in U.S imperialism, in allowing it to control the Middle Eastand its resources. Meanwhile, there are other people (theory) that say thereare powerful organizations and networks that consider support for Israel veryimportant and they influence the politics of the United States throughelections and contributions to political campaigns to make candidates adopt toIsrael's position," he emphasized.

Still, America is a countryof institutions and it has its own political interests, so that no one can sayIsrael controls all walks of life there, or it gets its way to everything itwants.
"We have seen ahistorical battle in the United States over the role of Israel and the Israelilobby and it's focus on Iran more than Palestine, where there is a lot ofpressure from pro-Israel groups to take a very hard line towards Iran and evento launch a war against it. Some of these battles are taking place behind thescenes. There is a growing feeling in the United States that Israel is turninginto a burden and a problem for the United States. That’s why America isfavoring a diplomatic solution to this issue. The is an emerging idea thatIsrael and US interests are not identical and conflict with each other,"he added.

General David Petraeus wasquoted, saying the activities of Israel are making the position of the USharder. There is a conflict about the value of Israel to the United States, andthe Israel lobby is worried about this and they are fighting to maintain theidea that Israel and the United States have the same interests.

"Palestinians are fewin number, though they take an important place in the primary elections, whichasserts the role of the Zionist lobby. A candidate called Palestinians invented[people] while another went further by saying they never existed at all,"Abunimah clarified.

This happens while millionsof people in the US are jobless and the country is going through crisis. Someanalysts shed light on the unusual rise of the Republican nominee Ron Paul, whobelieves in pulling US forces out of military bases all around the world.

"The very unique andpublic thing about him is that he said he wants to cut aid to Israel to zero.What I think is that he is not going to be the Republican candidate and he hashis own reasons to believe in this. The message is that many voters voted forhim, though he says he wants to cut aid to Israel. They don't care enough aboutIsrael and this does not mean they are pro-Palestine," he continued."An indication that politics is changing in the U.S."

There has been anincreasing political marriage between supporters of Israel and extremeIslamophobia in the U.S., particularly after September 11th. They did theirbest to make use of the attacks to spread the Israeli propaganda.

"On September 12th,Benjamin Netanyahu, who was in opposition in Israel at the time, said to TNTnewspaper 'I think the attack was very good,' but he corrected himself later bysaying 'It's good for Americans to understand the terrorism we face,'"Abunimah noted.

"Islamophobia was verybeneficial to Israel in the short run, but in the long run, it will backfire onIsrael. The reason is that there is a change in the character of support forIsrael in the last 30 years. In the past, all parties, leftist or rightist,used to support Israel. Nowadays, things are changing," he disclosed.

"In the short run,this is not in our interest, for the world is turning to the right, but in thelong run, things will be in our favor, especially among young people in Europewho are pushing towards universal and open politics. They are interested inequality and understanding. More and more young people are attracted to thekind of politics that oppose this kind of domination and racism. We see that alot of pro-Israel groups in the US are worried about this. They teach youngpeople about Israel and organize trips to Israel to show how wonderful Israelis. The next election will bring the most Islamophobic and anti-Palestinianpeople. But later, things will change to the favor of Palestinians,"Abunimah added.