Tuesday, November 15, 2011

To the Editor:

Are the Jewish State of Israel and the American Jews who blindly support Israel contributing to the rise in anti-semitism (recently reported by the Anti-Defamation League)? It is sometimes difficult, even for those of us who are Jewish, to make a clear distinction between Israel and Jewishness. It is, after all, not simply Israel, but it is the "Jewish" State of Israel. Israel's behavior is brutal; engaging in land theft, assassination, torture, and human rights violations. Israel's behavior is belligerent; establishing aggressive, illegal settlements, and refusing to negotiate. Israel's behavior is bellicose; threatening to attack Iran (while Israel maintains 200--400 nuclear warheads in it's own arsenal). Clearly, world opinion expressed through the UN rejects and condemns Israel's illegal and immoral behavior. Unfortunately, many American Jews and organizations continue to support Israel's self-destructive path towards delegitimization, isolation, and potential extinction. With American Jews cheerleading Israel's flagrant violations of human rights and thuggish suppression of Palestinians and those who would help Palestinians (like the Freedom Boats to Gaza) is it any wonder that the specter of ugly and dangerous anti-semitism and anti-Jewish sentiment is on the rise?

Eli Kassirer

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